Arina East Residences’ Residents Benefit from Top-Notch Pre-Schools within the Community: EtonHouse and Pat’s Schoolhouse Embrace Innovative Teaching Methods for Early Childhood Development

Located in the heart of the Katong neighborhood, Arina East Residences is the perfect choice for families seeking a convenient and nurturing environment for their young ones.

Families living at Arina East Residences are privileged to have access to exceptional pre-schools right in their own community. Among these is the renowned EtonHouse International Pre-School, located at Mountbatten 717, as well as Pat’s Schoolhouse at Katong. These pre-schools have established themselves as leaders in early childhood education, offering a supportive and innovative approach to learning. Their carefully crafted curriculums aim to promote the holistic development of children and lay a strong foundation for a lifelong love of learning. With its prime location in the vibrant Katong area, Arina East Residences is the ideal home for families looking for a convenient and nurturing environment for their little ones.

Arina East Residences’ residents are fortunate to have excellent pre-school options within their community. …

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