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YITW talk at Cape Union Mart – Nelspruit, Mpumalanga

31 July 2014 – I’ll be heading into the Kruger in August and September to gather research and take photographs for my travel guide to Kruger Park, but before I do so, come have a listen to my YITW journeys in Nelspruit. Would be great to meet you all. Store and time details to follow. In the meantime, check out Cape Union Mart’s events page.


  • Went to Cape Union at Riverside Mall in Nelspruit to book a seat, but they say they know nothing of any Scott Ramsey. Nothing on the CU website either. Is the visit still on?

    • HI Robert, please can you send me your email? I don’t think bookings have opened…but will let the guys at Cape Union Mart know…and will keep you posted. Thank you. Scott

    • Ah got your email, thanks Robert. Will keep you posted.

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