Wild Magazine – July 2014 – Megan Murgatroyd and Verreaux’s Eagles

During my last few years of exploring Southern Africa’s protected areas, I’ve spent time with some special people who have inspired me enormously. One of them is Meg Murgatroyd, who did her PhD on the imperious Black Eagle (yes, I know the new name is Verreaux’s Eagle, but the former just sounds better!). Meg spent three years in the Cederberg mountains of the Western Cape, hiking every square kilometre, during icy winters and searing summers, mostly on her own. Her goal? To find as many black eagles as possible, and figure out as much as possible about them. In the process she saw some pretty amazing things: like a black eagle divebombing a rare Cape leopard (she saw that happen on FIVE separate occasions). Oh, and while hiking on her own in the mountains, she broke her leg about as badly as you can break a leg…but after some help from friends, an operation or two and a few bottles of her favourite beer, she was just fine. Tough girl. Meg’s now the world’s leading expert on these beautiful raptors, and she deserves all the success that comes her way. Check out Meg’s website.¬†Thanks Meg for the memories.

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