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The river flows through us

Yesterday and today, we’re on the banks of the Orange River at my favourite campsite in the Richtersveld, called De Hoop. And I can understand why it’s called that. After a long, hot drive through some of the driest and starkest parts of the Richtersveld, this campsite on the river would restore the hope of anyone who has a parched throat, and a hot, sweaty body. I’ve been  here before, once by myself for a week in the middle of summer, when I didn’t see anyone…and again, I’m reminded why it’s so special.

The first thing Gareth and I did before setting up camp was jump in the river…then, we walked up the hill behind the camp, and watched the sun set and the full moon rise over the mountains.  The light on the river glowed and glistened. This part of the river has plenty of rapids, and their cacophony seems to lull one into a wonderful stupor…drunk on nature, you may call it.

There are only two other people besides us at the campsite…we swum and lay naked in the sun on the warm sand, as our camping spot is secluded way down river, underneath a large thorn tree. We slept on our stretchers about three metres from the river last night, and we both dreamed lots of dreams…these wild places have that effect. Although as humans we tend to think of moving through landscapes, I sometimes wonder if the landscape doesn’t move through us as well…

Enjoy the pics, and tomorrow we are off to the wild Kgalagadi! Can’t wait!

(Thanks again to Ford, Evosat and Total for making my dream come real.)

Thanks again to my sponsors for making it all possible. CapeNature, South African National Parks, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, Eastern Cape Parks, iSimangaliso Wetland ParkFord, Total, Evosat, Conqueror TrailersVodacom, Digicape, Lacie, Frontrunner, K-Way, EeziAwnNational Luna, Nokia , Goodyear, Global Fleet Sales, Hetzner and Clearstream Consulting.


  • Really enjoying the blog, it’s hard to imagine being in such an amazing place when I’m sat at my dreary computer during a typical “English summer” ie cold & windy. The photos are just stunning, are you planning a book at the end of your travels?

  • looks like you’re having an amazing time!

  • Thank you for the view. The photos are amazing!

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