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The Richtersveld awaits…

I spoke to Dr. Graham Williamson on the phone yesterday, as I was preparing a few things for the upcoming two weeks in the Richtersveld National Park. He’s now 80 years old, a dentist-turned-botanist who at one stage spent two years living in the national park, and ended up producing a book on the region’s history, flora and fauna. It’s a world-class book on a desert region which has the richest diversity of plant species on earth. (It has a foreword by Sir David Attenborough).  It should be read by everyone who is going to travel through this corner of South Africa. It’s called “Richtersveld – Enchanted Wilderness” and the new 2nd edition can be bought from major book stores.

We’re getting together a few supplies today and tomorrow, and are due to arrive in the park on Sunday…there’s no cell reception anywhere in the park, but we will be on the Internet, thanks to EvoSat!  And of course, thanks to Ford again for the Everest 4×4 as well as Total for helping us out with some fuel. We really couldn’t do this trip without the support of our partners.

Here are some photos from a few years ago to give you an idea of what the Richtersveld is like…it’s the first time I’m going there in winter. I’ve only ever been in the summer, and am looking forward to the different season (and the relatively cooler temps – last time I was there in January, it was 57 degrees Celsius in the sun, and 45 degrees in the shade! We lay in the Orange River all day, and at night we wet our towels and put them over us while we fell asleep!)













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