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The other Richtersveld

The Richtersveld is  usually a very dry and hot place…receiving on average less than 40mm of rain a year, much of which comes from the fog which rarely rolls in from the coast. Yesterday we saw this incredible spectacle…as we were driving south to hike into the Oemsberg mountains, where there is a huge amphitheatre, a massive fog bank crept up over the mountains.

The hike into the Oemsberg mountains took most of the day. We made our way along the Hakkiesdoring River, which was dry (of course), and for most of the way, we followed the tracks of a leopard…wonderful!

This part of the Richtersveld is so very different to the north. The hills were green, and there were even rock pools with some stagnant, but very clear water. If I was a leopard, I’d also hang around here!

At the source of the river, we arrived at an amphitheatre of cliffs about a hundred metres high, with a trickling waterfall. It was cool and damp, and we lay on our backs for an hour just enjoying the scene. This area must have been much wetter in the past, because the gorge is spectacular, and would have taken huge amounts of flowing water to carve it out.

For the past two nights, we have been staying at Kokerboomkloof Camp Site, which is very special. It is at the base of Tatasberg, and there are huge boulders standing sentry around the camping area, which has an endless view of the valley below onto the mountains near the Orange (or Gariep) River…this valley is filled with Kokerboom trees. Quite a sight!

We’re off today to De Hoop camping site on the river, and will hopefully be able to upload some more photos in the next few days.

Thanks again to Ford and Evosat for helping making this whole journey possible. Without Ford, we wouldn’t be able to get here, and without EvoSat, we wouldn’t be able to share our photos.

Thanks again to my sponsors for making it all possible. CapeNature, South African National Parks, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, Eastern Cape Parks, iSimangaliso Wetland ParkFord, Total, Evosat, Conqueror TrailersVodacom, Digicape, Lacie, Frontrunner, K-Way, EeziAwnNational Luna, Nokia , Goodyear, Global Fleet Sales, Hetzner and Clearstream Consulting.

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  • WOW! Amazing place and photos. So you have been working hard. Its great to see your camping area in such a spectacular setting.
    Was that another hiking group in one of the photos?

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