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British Airways Magazine – January 2014 – Wild Coast reserves

In this article in British Airways Magazine, I profile four nature reserves on South Africa's Wild Coast, the least developed and most beautiful part of the subtropical coastline. Although there is increasing pressure on the land and sea, these reserves largely retain their sense of wildness. My favourite is Mkambati Nature Reserve in the northern part of this coastline...check it out!

News24 – September 2013 – Mkambati and Mtentu River Lodge

If I was to go on holiday from my "job", I would go to Mtentu River Lodge and Mkambati Nature Reserve in the northern Wild Coast. For me this is the best place in South Africa to chill out to the max, and to do nothing but eat, sleep, swim, canoe, walk and love your lover. Read the article and see my photos here.

Cape Times – August 2013 – Pondoland Marine Protected area on Wild Coast

This article and photos of mine makes a pithy introduction to the reserves on the Wild Coast of South Africa. My favourite is Mkambati in the far north of the region, but a close second is the Pondoland Marine Protected Area, which is the biggest in the country, and lies adjacent to much of the Wild Coast. Here you will see some of the densest concentrations of large marine mammals in the world, with hundreds of humpback whales, and thousands of dolphins. Other reserves worth visiting are
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Days 25 to 27 – Year in the Wild 2013-14 – The beautiful and ugly of Silaka Nature Reserve

The little Silaka Nature Reserve lies to the south of Port St Johns, one of the most beautifully-located towns in the country. It lies at the mouth of the Umzimvubu River, which has cut its way through high sandstone cliffs to empty itself out into the Indian Ocean.

Silaka is seven kilometres south of the town, and is only 4 square kilometres in size, making it one of the smallest protected areas in the region. Like Port St John's, however, it is one of the prettiest too. The hills are
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Leisure Wheels Magazine – November 2012 – Mkhambathi Nature Reserve

My four-page article for Leisure Wheels Magazine, on the small but special Mkhambathi Nature Reserve on the Pondoland Wild Coast.

Getaway Magazine – August 2012 – Mkhambathi Nature Reserve

Few people know about the small Mkhambathi Nature Reserve on the Pondoland coast in the Eastern Cape. But it is one of the most beguilingly beautiful in our country, and I can't wait to go back. My nine-page feature article in Getaway on Mkhambathi was published in the August 2012 issue.