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Karoo road trip – Mountain Zebra National Park

The second protected area on my Karoo road trip was Mountain Zebra National Park in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. It’s one of my favourite. It’s small – only about 280 square kilometres, but its crammed with beautiful rolling hills covered in grass, and the high plateau of the Bankberg mountains.

The conservation of the South African endemic Cape Mountain Zebra is a remarkable success story.

By the late 1800s,
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Karoo in January? And lions!

I’ve recently returned from the Karoo region of South Africa, where I was researching and photographing an article for Wild Magazine.  My short road trip took me to Karoo National Park, Mountain Zebra National Park, Read more »

Table Mountain National Park from the air

Last week I had one of my long-time dreams come true, flying over Table Mountain National Park, and the beautiful city of Cape Town, and the Cape Peninsula. My friend Jean Tresfon took me up in his little gyrocopter, which is ideally suited to aerial photography, because of the unobstructed views it offers, as well as its stability.

I've grown up in Cape Town, and have photographed the peninsula and surrounding ocean
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Long live the Kings of Addo

Weighing up to 7 000kg, and measuring four metres at its front shoulder, an African bull elephant can eat 200 kilograms of plant matter and drink around 200 litres of water every day. Elephants are very, very big.

But statistics and adjectives cannot prepare one fully for a close encounter with earth’s largest land animal. Wild elephants command attention and respect like no other. And in Addo Elephant National Park, just 50km
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Golden Gate under a blanket of snow

Park manager Johan Taljaard took these photos recently of the park under a blanket of snow...according to Johan, snow has been recorded every month of the year since weather records were kept...and the highest snow fall ever recorded was in January, the middle of summer! Just goes to show that you can never underestimate the weather up here. Thanks Johan for sharing these with me.

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Hidden treasures revealed at Golden Gate National Park

If you drive the public road through the Golden Gate National Park, enjoying the tranquil scenery, it’s difficult to believe that the area was once a vast tropical floodplain, where dinosaurs roamed in their thousands.

In fact, this beautiful park is world famous among paleontologists because of the discovery in 1977 by Professor James Kitching of the oldest fossilized dinosaur eggs ever discovered, about 200 million
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