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Days 59-61 – YITW 2013-14 – Peninsula of paradise

I'm all alone, sleeping in a little cabin situated on the edge of a stormy coast. The doors and windows are wide open, and my ears are filled with the soothing boom of crashing waves. The air is heavy with ocean spray. I can see the stars, bursting through the southern night sky.

This is Fountain Shack in Robberg Nature Reserve, with no electricity, no cell phone reception and certainly no TV or radio. And I'm as close to heaven as I can get. Which is remarkable, given that I'm just down the
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News24 – October 2013 – Robberg Nature Reserve

This little reserve is on a peninsula at the end of Africa. Robberg Nature Reserve has always been popular with the beachbums...the strandlopers loved living here, and there are several archaeological sites that prove that Robberg was - even back then - a top chillout spot for stressed-out hunters and gatherers. These days, the reserve is as popular, but fortunately, it's protected from the
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