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Full interview with Kruger’s anti-poaching chief General Johan Jooste

There’s a small sign above Major-General Johan Jooste’s desk at his office in Skukuza, the headquarters of Kruger National Park. It says: “Think Big, Start Small, Act Now”.

It’s an apt credo for the man in charge of anti-poaching at South African National Parks. The 61-year-old ex-army general joined the organization in 2013, and has been tasked with one of the country’s biggest, most immediate challenges: combatting the scourge of rhino poaching.

Last year, 606 rhino were killed in
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Cape Times – April 2014 – Swaziland showing Africa how to save rhinos

The little kingdom of Swaziland has one of the best records of rhino conservation in Africa. The man at the middle is Ted Reilly who was instrumental in rallying the nation to reintroduce and then protect wildlife, especially rhinos. My article in Cape Times touches on this remarkable achievement.

The present is better than the past at Imfolozi Game Reserve

Imfolozi Game Reserve has many stories to tell.

While I was exploring the western part of the reserve today, I thought how concerned conservationists created it to save the last remaining white rhinos in the world. Hunters had wiped out thousands of these charismatic animals, and in 1897, there were only a few left. Today, there are more than one thousand in the reserve, and it’s easy to believe, because today I came across close to 50 of them at different times! They seem to be everywhere,
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Imfolozi Game Reserve – Back in the bush!

Seven white rhinos and two hyenas welcomed me to Imfolozi Game Reserve in northern Kwa-Zulu Natal. It’s great to be back in the bush! As much as I’ve enjoyed the landscapes of uKhahlamba Drakensberg, with their towering peaks and endless vistas, I’ve really missed the smells, sounds and sights of “real” Africa. And as I drove into the reserve just before sunset, I came across two hyenas which were setting off on their nocturnal hunt (they were too quick for my camera!). Then a few minutes
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In the company of black rhino

There seem to be several rules to tracking black rhino in the dense thicket of Great Fish Nature Reserve in the Eastern Cape.

Firstly, make sure there is a big enough tree to climb in case you’re charged, which black rhino are inclined to do.

Secondly, make sure that you are with someone who knows what they’re doing. Without an expert to guide you, the dense vegetation is going to make your life hell. You can’t see more than a few metres in front of you, literally - which means, of
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