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YITW 2013-14 – Namaqua National Park’s cool side

Ja, so everyone knows that the spring flowers in Namaqua National Park are superb (although I think the flowers in Tankwa Karoo National Park are even better, but that's another discussion!)

I was recently in Namaqua NP for a few days, and drove down the coastal section of the park. It's very different to the inland section, which during spring is covered in kaleidoscopic colours; but in summer the koppies and inland plains are very dry and rather uninteresting for the visitor.

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Leisure Wheels Magazine – May 2012 – Namaqua National Park

A three-page feature article in Leisure Wheels Magazine on Namaqua National Park.

Getaway Magazine – February 2012 – Namaqua National Park

A feature article that I photographed and wrote on Namaqua National Park, published in the February 2012 issue of Getaway.

Protecting Namaqua’s predators…and livestock…with some Turkish expertise

The Cape Leopard Trust - well known for its groundbreaking work in the Cederberg - is also active in Namaqualand, where for many years people believed that leopards had been exterminated. But they are still here, as camera trap photos have proven. (Staff in Namaqua National Park have seen leopard, although rarely).

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After the rain…the sun, and flowers

A huge rainstorm passed through Namaqualand yesterday. We got about 35mm in a region whose annual rainfall is about 300mm. The rivers in the south of the park have flooded, and roads have washed away in places. But the land needed it. July has been a dry month so far, and the earth was thirsty. This morning the air was fresh and crisp...and the sun was out. What a beautiful morning. Spent the day out on the road with Jacq in the park, and then went feeding the Anatolian sheep dogs with Jodi
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Into Namaqua’s wild coast

This is where I am right now – S 30 31.555 E 17 23.768 - check it out on Google Maps. This stretch of coastline was given to national parks by De Beers a year or so ago. Don't think De Beers found any diamonds, so they gave it back. It's just miles and miles of windswept
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