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Kruger – My first week: Lions, kingfishers and on foot with ellies

I'm in the Kruger National Park for two months in August and September. I'll be compiling a travel guide from my trip, interviewing many of the rangers and guides, and of course, taking lots of photos.

Kruger is huge - 2 million hectares, or 20 000 square kilometres, so it's larger than some small countries. Is it Africa's finest protected area? More than any other national park on the continent, it has probably contributed most to the conservation of Africa's wild animals.

That's a big
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Cape Times Newspaper – February 2014 – Connecting to Kgalagadi

When a pride of wild Kalahari lions stare directly at you, their predatory gaze fixed on your human frame like a missile locked onto its target, there are two things that happen. First, everything else on your mind tends to disappear instantaneously. Right then, there is nothing in the world that matters, except the lions and you. Work, obligations, anxieties, ambitions, dreams… they all evaporate in the golden glare of an animal that cares for you onlyas food. Second, you can’t look away – and
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YITW 2013-14 First few days in Kgalagadi in summer – one word: epic!

When the locals tell you that it’s going to be “cooler” in the next few days, and that the predicted temperature will be 38 degrees, not the usual 45 degrees, then you know it’s hot. When those denizens of the desert – the gemsbok - start moving into the shade of the camel thorn trees at 9am to spend the day out of the sun, then yip, it’s going to be a smoking hot day.

While everyone was driving south out of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in middle of January, going back to work and
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Days 37 & 38 – Year in the Wild 2013-14 – Surrounded by lions and elephants

For two hundred years hunters in the Eastern Cape had killed thousands of elephants. The most notorious was a rather unsavoury character - Major Philip Jacobus Pretorius - who was commissioned by the government in 1919 to kill any remaining elephants in the area. Fortunately, he failed in his quest. By 1931, when Addo Elephant National Park was proclaimed, there were just eleven elephants left in the Eastern Cape.

Today there are more than 600 of Earth's biggest land mammals in the park, and
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Days 35 & 36 – Year in the Wild 2013-14 – There’s a lion on my stoep!

If you live in a Southern African town or city, chances are you've got a nature reserve nearby. In the case of Port Elizabeth, you're just an hour's drive away from Addo Elephant National Park, a huge protected area that has wild elephants, rhinos, buffalo, kudu, hartebeest, zebra, warthog, spotted hyena...and LIONS! Just a few kilometres from the main national N2 road.

I spent the day in Port Elizabeth yesterday, seeing my partners Goodyear (who have their head office there), and also
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Karoo in January? And lions!

I’ve recently returned from the Karoo region of South Africa, where I was researching and photographing an article for Wild Magazine.  My short road trip took me to Karoo National Park, Mountain Zebra National Park, Read more »