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Kruger Catch up – Week 7 – Wild dogs and big male leopard at Shimuwini

Shimuwini Camp is one of my favourite places to stay in Kruger. It's one of the so-called bush camps (like Biyamiti, Talamati, Sirheni and Bateleur), and is only accessible to people who are booked to stay there. Also, the roads into camp are off-limits to general visitors, so you have a good chance of being alone at wildlife sightings.

I was very lucky here. Once again, most of my luck came early in the morning or late afternoon. After seven weeks of getting up every morning at 5, to make
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Kruger Catch-up – Week 6 – Difficult leopard and not much else (not really)

You have to work a bit harder at spotting wildlife in the Olifants area of central Kruger, and my sixth week in the park was probably my quietest. After a few days of seeing very little, it can start to get a bit tiresome (to be honest), especially during the heat of the day. So you learn to see the little things, and I suppose that's why the more time you spend in Africa's wilderness areas, the more you learn, because it's inevitable that sometimes you'll see NO leopards, or lions or
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Kruger Catch Up – Week 5 – Another leopard (sigh)

Things were a bit quiet this week on the wildlife front. Olifants Camp is probably the beginning of the northern part of Kruger, and so although it's a big camp, there are far fewer tourists here than at Lower Sabie and Skukuza. It's a function of wildlife numbers too - this is where the vast mopane shrubland begins, and consequently there are fewer NUMBERS of herbivores, although all the same species do occur here. But you never quite know what you're going to although it can be very
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Kruger catch-up – Week 4 – Lower Sabie, Satara and Talamati

From today, I'm catching up on my Kruger blog posts, because the past week I have been catching up on sleep! After three years of almost continuous travel, I'm allowing myself a few days to chill out!

So I'm delving back into my last four weeks in Kruger in September. I'm going to write a wrap-up of my time in Kruger soon. Right now, I am feeling lots of bitter-sweet things...and I need to get my head and heart around all the wondrous and not-so-wonderful things I have seen during my two and
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Third week in Kruger: pretty lady on a rock

The veld in Kruger is all brown and amber, because it's the end of winter. But I love the dust and the smell of the dry earth. During my third week, I had another great leopard sighting, this time near Pretoriuskop. A young female leopard, full of sass and attitude. I found her sitting at sunset on a boulder in this south-western part of the national park. What made it extra special was that I was alone with her. Well it's always special being alone with a pretty lady, but this was extra
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Kruger – My second week: Leopard! And flying with General Jooste

I spent the past week at Malelane and Berg-en-Dal camps in the south-west of Kruger, and at Skukuza, the biggest and most famous camp, further north. It's been a pretty quiet week in terms of spotting plenty of wildlife, but I did have two amazing experiences.

The first was spectacular just because a leopard was involved (anything is guaranteed to be spectacular when a leopard is involved). On a sunset drive with field guide Peter Zitha, we spotted a big male leopard on the side of the road,
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