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Leisure Wheels Magazine – June 2014 – Kgalagadi TFCA (Botswana side)

While the South African side of Kgalagadi is more popular, the Botswana side (including Mabuasehube) is much bigger, and far wilder. There are only jeep tracks and simple campsites, and there is a distinct possibility of being surrounded by prides of lion. My kinda place. Check out my article in Leisure Wheels article on this area, where a 4x4 is most definitely necessary!

Leisure Wheels Magazine – May 2014 – Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (SA side)

The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park spreads across 3 million hectares, straddling both Botswana and South Africa. The South African side is where most of the wildlife occurs, in the dry river beds, and is also where most of the tourism facilities are located. My Leisure Wheels article gives an insight into travelling in this area where black-maned lions are the main attraction.

Cape Times Newspaper – February 2014 – Connecting to Kgalagadi

When a pride of wild Kalahari lions stare directly at you, their predatory gaze fixed on your human frame like a missile locked onto its target, there are two things that happen. First, everything else on your mind tends to disappear instantaneously. Right then, there is nothing in the world that matters, except the lions and you. Work, obligations, anxieties, ambitions, dreams… they all evaporate in the golden glare of an animal that cares for you onlyas food. Second, you can’t look away – and
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News24 – February 2014 – Kgalagadi and the threat of fracking

It's largely unknown, but there are plans afoot to prospect for coal bed methane gas on the Botswana side of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. As in Chobe National Park and Central Kalahari Game Reserve, the Botswana government has issued licences to several energy companies to prospect. Full scale fracking could occur in these wilderness areas...and it breaks my heart. Plus, does it make economic sense, especially when surface water is already in short supply, and fracking could contaminate
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YITW 2013-14 – Kindess of strangers in Kgalagadi

So, it’s my last night here in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. I’ve covered pretty much every road and jeep track in the 38 000 square km protected area.

I’ve seen far too many lions (if that’s possible), not enough leopards (not one!) sweated many drops of sweat (it’s been VERY hot), stood spread-eagled under several rainstorms to cool off and driven through way too much sand (I didn't know this until recently, but did you know the Kalahari is the biggest continuous expanse of sand in the
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YITW 2013-14 – Rain in the Kgalagadi!

If you have ever been here, then you’ll know that it’s almost always a hot and dry place, with average rainfall of around 200 mm. Well, in the last three days there has been about 30mm at Nossob, and the usually dry Nossob River bed actually looks like a river!! (This river only flows twice a century usually). I took these photos this morning between Polentswa and Nossob…and it’s still drizzling right now. Strange to be driving through knee high water in the Kgalagadi! The earth and the animals
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