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Cape Times Newspaper – Dec 2013 – Caracal and jackal researcher in Anysberg Nature Reserve

Marine Drouilly is a French researcher who is working in and around Anysberg Nature Reserve in the Karoo to figure out the dynamics of predator-livestock conflict. Caracals and jackal continue to kill sheep in the Karoo, while farmers continue to shoot, poison and trap these predators. Marine is using camera traps to determine levels of biodiversity across farms and protected areas, and gathering predator scat to figure out what the predators are actually eating.

YITW 2013-14 – Anysberg Nature Reserve – The mademoiselle, the Karoo farmers and jackals in the night

A lilting French accent broke the silence of the Karoo dusk in Anysberg Nature Reserve.

“I really feel at home here,” said zoologist Marine Drouilly, as we sat on the stoep of one of the cottages in the remote reserve, located between Laingsburg and Montagu. A jackal howled nearby and the Magellanic Clouds hung like blazing chandeliers in the ink-black sky.

Marine told me
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Wild Magazine – Autumn 2013 – Karoo Parks

On a recent trip for an article in Wild Magazine through the Great and Little Karoo regions of South Africa, I visited four of the best protected areas in this semi-arid region. Karoo National Park, Mountain Zebra National Park, Read more »

Cape Times Newspaper – February 2013 – Anysberg Nature Reserve

My monthly column in the Cape Times on Anysberg. This Karoo reserve just south of Laingsburg off the national N1 road was a surprise to me. There is a surprisingly large amount of wildlife for a semi-arid region, and the sense of wilderness is impressive. But it's the stars that captivate first and foremost. Their is NO light pollution anywhere, because the 800 square kilometre reserve is situated between two mountain ranges, making it one of the best places in the country for peering through a
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Karoo Journey – Stars, stars and more stars at Anysberg

Astronomers estimate that there are about 300 billion stars in the Milky Way. But because of light pollution, most city-dwellers can see only a few hundred of them. Head to Anysberg Nature Reserve, however, and it’s as if every single star in our galaxy is within grasp.

Situated in the Western Cape about 80kms north-east of Montagu and about 100kms south-west of Laingsburg, the
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Karoo Journey – Night time in Camdeboo National Park

My next stop on my journey for Wild Magazine through the Karoo in the middle of a South African summer was Camdeboo National Park. This little protected area – whose name means “valley of green” in the ancient Khoe language - surrounds the historical town of Graaff-Reinet, a place that has more national monuments than any other in the country – remarkable for such a
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