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Imfolozi Wilderness Trail – the home of the wild

It didn’t take long for the ancient creatures to show themselves. We had just started the Imfolozi Wilderness Trail, when two white rhinos rose up in a cloud of dust from where they were sleeping in the shade of an acacia tree.

A mother and her young calf, thirty metres from us. Rhinos have poor eyesight, but excellent hearing and smell. The mother could sense the presence of humans. Her ears turned like radars on her head, listening intently. The calf stayed close by her side. Both were
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Imfolozi Wilderness Trail – Day 5 – Where do we belong?

We woke early, and took in the mysterious misty scene. After breakfast, Nunu called us together for the last time.

“Thank you again to all of you for coming on trail. Thank you again to our brothers and sisters the animals for letting us pass through their home. Today we go back to our home…or at least, we think it’s our home. But do we really belong there….or do we belong here, among the animals?”

We started walking back to where we started our trail several days before. I felt sad that
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Imfolozi Wilderness Trail – Day 4 – Lion pride

Our last full day in the bush. We headed off across the river from our campsite, to go back to one of the lookout points, to see if we could find some lions which were calling in the night.

Nunu gathered us together before we started walking, and read from his notebook: “Man will realize that he is an animal, and as such, he must abide by the laws of nature, and must not destroy God’s creation.”

“We’ve used all our senses so far: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Today, I want you
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Imfolozi Wilderness Trail – Day 3 – Rhinos at camp

We started off after breakfast, leaving our heavy backpacks in the camp. We felt light and free without them!

As we headed down onto the river bank to start our walk, a hyena drank from the river, and trotted off in the distance, passing our camp which we had just left. I asked Nunu whether it would try take our food which we had left at camp, but Nunu explained that all the animals in the wilderness area – including the hyenas and the baboons – are so wild that they stay well away from
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Imfolozi Wilderness Trail – Day 2 – Black Rhino!

We woke as the sun creeped up over the treetops. We swopped stories from the night over tea, coffee and breakfast. We packed up, and got ready to go. Nunu was tireless, cleaning pots and pans, and making sure that the campsite is spotless before we leave. “No-one must know we have been here,” Nunu explained. Someone had spat a little toothpaste on a rock. Nunu didn’t say anything, went to the river, and scooped up some water to wash it off. Then he called us together.

“Let’s give thanks to
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