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Imfolozi Wilderness Trail – the home of the wild

It didn’t take long for the ancient creatures to show themselves. We had just started the Imfolozi Wilderness Trail, when two white rhinos rose up in a cloud of dust from where they were sleeping in the shade of an acacia tree.

A mother and her young calf, thirty metres from us. Rhinos have poor eyesight, but excellent hearing and smell. The mother could sense the presence of humans. Her ears turned like radars on her head, listening intently. The calf stayed close by her side. Both were
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Imfolozi Wilderness Trail – Day 2 – Black Rhino!

We woke as the sun creeped up over the treetops. We swopped stories from the night over tea, coffee and breakfast. We packed up, and got ready to go. Nunu was tireless, cleaning pots and pans, and making sure that the campsite is spotless before we leave. “No-one must know we have been here,” Nunu explained. Someone had spat a little toothpaste on a rock. Nunu didn’t say anything, went to the river, and scooped up some water to wash it off. Then he called us together.

“Let’s give thanks to
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Imfolozi Wilderness Trail – Day 1 – The sacred wilderness

A few days ago I finished the primitive wilderness trail at Imfolozi Game Reserve. For five days and four nights we were led by trails ranger Nunu Jobe through the dedicated wilderness area in the south of Imfolozi Game Reserve. We walked every day through the bush, along the trails made by the animals. We slept on the ground under the stars. We drank from the river. We ate simple food. We cooked on a fire. We swam in the river. We woke up and went to sleep with the sun.

There are no roads
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Vodacom Facebook Page – April 2012 – Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve

My sponsor Vodacom posted my photos from the epic Imfolozi Wilderness Trail, and the feedback from their fans was equally epic. Everyone should do the trail at least once in their will change your life, I promise. We saw the Big 5 on foot, and every night at our campsite we had lions roaring, and leopards's one of the highlights of my year.