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Leisure Wheels – August 2014 – EcoTraining in Tuli Block, Botswana

A feature article on my time at the prestigious yet down-to-earth EcoTraining camp in the Tuli Block of south-eastern Botswana. I joined instructor Okwa Sarefo and his students for a few days, to learn about the African bushveld, it's animals, its trees, it's life...and it's soul. And you know what I learned? That we don't need much to be happy...water, food, friendship, wild animals, land, sky and maybe a cold beer or two. (Ok, DEFINITELY a cold beer or two).

Cape Times – May 2014 – Ecotraining in Mashatu of Botswana

In the south-east corner of Botswana is Mashatu Game Reserve, a place of baobabs, elephants and leopard. On the banks of one of the rivers lies the Ecotraining camp, where students of all ages or stages can learn about the bushveld and wild animals from experienced rangers and guides.

YITW 2013-14 – How dung beetles give birth to baobab trees – or the definition of success

We were dwarfed by a baobab tree in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve of south-eastern Botswana. I stretched out my arms against the trunk, then walked slowly around it and measured the circumference, which came to about 20 metres.

“This one is just a baby,” my guide and instructor Okwa Sarefo laughed. Age and size, it turns out, is decidely relative in the African bush.

“It’s probably only 1 000 years old,” Okwa explained.

Hold on, I thought, only 1 000 years old?

“Baobab trees are
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