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Cape Times – July 2014 – Peter Timm and the coelacanth

Peter Timm passed away in May 2014, at the age of 51, soon after I had the privilege of meeting him and chatting to him about his numerous sightings of one of Earth's oldest animals - the coelacanth, dating back 400 million years. Peter's love for the ocean (and nature in general) was infectious, and I got the feeling that if he wasn't an elite Trimix diver, plunging down to more than 100 metres in Sodwana Bay's deep canyons, he'd be a game ranger somewhere on a wild river in Africa. He was a
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Cape Times – June 2014 – Imfolozi…and the threat of mining

This is the second time I've done the Imfolozi Wilderness Trail, and it's one of my favourite wild experiences in South Africa. This very special wilderness area - the place where the last white rhino in Africa were saved from extinction - is now under threat from a proposed mine that will border the protected area. When do we say: enough is enough? Surely the destruction and compromise of Africa's ancient natural heritage must come to an end? This is my article in the Cape Times.

Cape Times – May 2014 – Ecotraining in Mashatu of Botswana

In the south-east corner of Botswana is Mashatu Game Reserve, a place of baobabs, elephants and leopard. On the banks of one of the rivers lies the Ecotraining camp, where students of all ages or stages can learn about the bushveld and wild animals from experienced rangers and guides.

Cape Times – March 2014 – Mokala’s little bit of magic

This smallish, but very important, national park lies an hour's drive south-west of Kimberley in the Northern Cape of South Africa. It's considered a "breeding" area for endangered and valuable species like roan, sable and Cape buffalo. If you can get past the "farm"-type atmosphere, then Mokala is great...and offers some of the best opportunities to take photos of these species.

Cape Times Newspaper – February 2014 – Connecting to Kgalagadi

When a pride of wild Kalahari lions stare directly at you, their predatory gaze fixed on your human frame like a missile locked onto its target, there are two things that happen. First, everything else on your mind tends to disappear instantaneously. Right then, there is nothing in the world that matters, except the lions and you. Work, obligations, anxieties, ambitions, dreams… they all evaporate in the golden glare of an animal that cares for you onlyas food. Second, you can’t look away – and
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Cape Times Newspaper – December 2013 – Mandela’s Frontiers

I was in southern Namibia on the night of Nelson Mandela's death, and this is my article in the Cape Times on the great man's contributions to Africa's wild places.