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Kruger catch-up – Week 9 – ending at Pafuri’s Thula Mela

So, this is my last blog post from my last week in Kruger, which is also my last week of the official Year in the Wild 2013-14. I'm still processing (in my head and heart) much of what I've seen, and I'll upload a blog in the next few weeks that tries to distill the essence of what I've learnt and felt.

Pafuri is my favourite part of Kruger. Located in the very north of the park, the scenery is completely different to the rest of the 2 million hectare protected area. Fever tree forests, lush
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Kruger catch-up – week 8 – Mopani, Shingwedzi and Sirheni

During week 8 and 9 of my Kruger trip, the good folks from 50/50 TV program came to join me in Kruger. They convinced me that I should be on TV - apparently I have a reasonable enough face (just) for TV - although I've been reassured that most of the series will feature other people and wildlife. The series runs from this November until end of next year - a five-minute insert every three weeks. We'll be shooting in the next few months around the country's other parks, cherry-picking some of the
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