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Some more photos from Kruger…

I’ve just finished the Olifants Backpack Trail in Kruger. This three-night, four-day hiking trail follows the Olifants River from west to east across the park, covering about 48kms. It’s a quintessential wilderness experience. Hikers need to carry all their own food and gear, and every night you sleep on the river bank, under the stars in your tent. I’ll write a full blog on it over the weekend!

In the meantime, here are some photos from my few days before the trail began…

Baobab tree, my trusty steed, and me!

This toad came out at night near my chalet at Satara

My regular dinner guest at Satara Camp

Zebra drinking from a waterhole on the Mananga Adventure Trail

White rhino running

Baby elephant catching up with her family

Giant eagle owl in crepuscular mood

Eliab Khosa, our field guide for the morning walk at Satara Camp

We spotted this herd of zebra on our morning walk with Eliab

Satara Camp...

Red billed hornbill

Kids from Tsuvuka Primary, on the border of Kruger Park...learning about conservation at Satara Camp

Scops owl at Satara

Duke, once the largest tusker in Kruger.. he has died, but his genes remain in the elephants of Kruger

Rhino roadblock...licence please ;)

The view from the bungalows at Olifants Camp...perhaps the most beautifully-situated camp in Kruger

Impala lilies in bloom

One of the rarer birds in Africa - saddle-billed stork

Waterbuck...impressive horns

Crocodiles at N'wanetsi waterhole, east of Satara

Male kudu...the emblem of South African National Parks

Secretary bird

African Wild Cat, at Satara Camp

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