Hluleka Nature Reserve

Located on the Wild Coast 87 kilometres south east of the town of Umthatha, and 20 kilometres due south of Port St Johns, this is another small reserve (just 770 hectares). Two indigenous forest reserves form the majority of this protected area (look out for green coucal and Cape parrot) abut there are also secluded beach coves, while the entire 4 kilometre coastline of the reserve is protected by the Hluleka Marine Protected Area. Extending six nautical miles out to sea. The grasslands are grazed by Burchell’s zebra, eland, impala and blue wildebeest.

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Days 28 to 31 – Year in the Wild 2013-14 – Man down in Hluleka Nature Reserve

So, for a photographer like me, there's nothing quite like being sick and confined to your bed (and bathroom), when you're in a place where you have a beautiful forest, a pristine beach and herd of zebras all to yourself.

Hluleka Nature Reserve is one of the prettier places I've been on the Wild Coast, with some of the best accommodation. And it's not a good place to have food poisoning. A few chicken sausages were the culprits. Flip, I haven't been sick like that for a while! (You won't see those photos on Facebook or in this blog, fortunately). I've been man down, and thanks to my saviour Rach, and the help of Doctor Fez Beja (and a few boxes of antibiotics) in East London, I'm back on my feet.

Although we had to leave Hluleka early, I'll be back there in September, as well as Read more »