Mapungubwe National Park

On the border of Botswana and Zimbabwe, Mapungubwe conserves the archaeological remains of Southern Africa’s oldest formal civilization dating back to 1200 AD. Kept secret for hundreds of years by locals, the golden treasures of the kingdom were discovered only in 1933. It is still a deeply sacred place for many South Africans and is a World Heritage Site. Perhaps its defining physical features are the plethora of baobabs and thick riverine forests on the Limpopo River. Size:  24 000 hectares. Situated on the far northern border of South Africa.


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The wild side of Mapungubwe – and the challenges of conservation

Mapungubwe offers so much more than just rich cultural history. Although the archaeological aspect certainly makes this national park famous, the scenery and wildlife is spectacular too.

One of the very best views in all of South Africa is at the lookout decks on the high ridge above the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe rivers… you can gaze across the vast floodplain, seemingly almost all the way up Africa, where hundreds of baobabs stand guard, as huge herds of elephants rumble through the golden mopane trees, a trail of golden dust in their wake.

Every time I go there, especially at sunset, I can’t seem to look away… it’s a hypnotic view, and just inspires me to continue my adventure, exploring more of Africa and its secret wild places. Up here in the far north of South Read more »

Marvelous Mapungubwe

When I say that I’m going to Mapungubwe National Park, most people have no idea what I’m talking about! “Mupp…what?!?” they ask me quizzically. Well, to be fair, I also had very little idea about Mapungubwe when I first heard about it a few years ago. But it’s one of the most interesting and beautiful of our national parks, AND it's one of our country's seven World Heritage Sites!

It’s time that everyone in South Africa – and around the world – visited this fascinating place. I’ve been here four times now, and it’s certainly one of my favourite national parks, offering a diverse mixture of cultural, archaeological, scenic and wildlife attractions. Elephant, lion, leopard and rhino are all found here, but no buffalo Read more »