Leisure Wheels – March 2014 – Garden Route NP and Goukamma Nature Reserve

My montly article for March 2014 in Leisure Wheels focused on Garden Route National Park and Goukamma Nature Reserve. These are two of my favourite spots…the former is much bigger than the latter, but they both have a critical role to play in conservation of the area, especially as they both include important Marine Protected Areas. Check it out!

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  • Hi Scott!
    Glad to see you’re still loving your extended stay in the wild…
    I hope this is going to reach you. I’m putting together the first issues of On Track for Goodyear and it would be great to catch up on where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to (and how the tyres have been treating you) since readers saw you last. Could we do that?
    Please email me or phone me on 082 9321300 as soon as you get a chance so we can discuss.
    Thanks and warm regards
    Mary Jane Botha

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