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Leaving and loving

The Richtersveld didn’t want to let me and Gareth go. On our last morning here, we left at 5am, and tackled the Helskloof Pass in full moonlight. It took us 6 hours to do 60kms, but as always, it was worth it! It’s a truly spectacular, rugged area of the Richtersveld, and our Ford Everest and Conqueror Conquest 4×4 trailer handled it really well, but we did go SO slowly. There really is no way you could rush it…

I’m never good at saying goodbye to the people I love…and I don’t think I’m very good at saying goodbye to wild places like the Richtersveld. A strange melancholy comes over me. I’ve had some amazing wilderness experiences here, and just like the special people in my life, it will always hold a piece of my heart in its rugged mountainscape. Of course, my mood soon lifts, because I know I will be back here some day again! There are one or two special people that I HAVE to bring here – I’m like that…I really want to share these places, the views, the sounds, the smells, the dreams you inevitably dream when surrounded by landscapes like these…

Plus, there’s no shortage of new wild places to explore. We’re now in the Kgalagadi, and have just arrived at Twee Rivieren…the next few weeks should be superb. It’s COLD here at night, but warm during the day. A leopard and her two cubs were spotted near the camp, and so tomorrow we hope to find her…


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  • amazing pictures.. and place! esp of the one of G jumpin! incredible! such a monkey that one is

  • You read our minds. we had the exact same thoughts and feelings… exactly 24hrs ahead of you!
    Thanks again and loving the pictures.

  • I have now spent a good while reading all your blogs about The Richtersveld and you have taken me right back into that marvellous place. Thank you.
    Myself and two of my mates venture up there every year around end June and beginning July and we will keep on going as long as we can. We just spent two weeks at De Hoop last month and I still am struggling to get my feet back into society. Reading this didn’t help either. Your words ring so truthfully about the experience, the solitude, the peacefulness and the beauty the abounds there.
    I am so glad that I am following you guys on your journey.
    Thank you for taking me back there this morning.


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