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Kruger National Park – Wild nights at Satara!

At Satara camp, I’ve been having some fun lately with a camera trap, loaned to me by my friend Jeremy Bolton from Trailcam Adventures. This cool little device can be attached to a tree or a pole, and can be set to take photographs automatically of anything that crosses its path; any movement triggers the camera, and it works in the dark too, taking photos with infra-red light.

At Satara, there’s a resident group of honey badgers which live inside the camp. This was pointed out to me by Robbie Williams, a wildlife guide who has conducted more than 3 000 guided drives in the park! Anyway, I bumped into Robbie while at Satara, and he knows the park like the back of his hand. So he told me about the honey badgers, as well as the resident pair of African wild cats. Then there’s also the resident Scops owl, which must be the most photographed in the world, because it lives in a small tree right next to reception! (Yet I still have to take a photo of it!)

I set up the camera trap for a few nights on the fence, and got some nice photos of the hyenas which patrol up and down, hoping that someone will toss them a braai chop. Then last night, I set up the camera on a tree near a dustbin inside the fence near my chalet, as Robbie told me that the badgers come past all the bins at night, checking to see what there is to eat. Well, check out the photos below! It’s great to see them…

And speaking of honey badgers, I’m having great luck with them too. I have seen five in the past week, having never seen any in Kruger before! I saw two on an early morning drive with Robbie, and two this morning while I was driving the pretty Mananga Adventure Trail. And of course, I am counting the one that was caught on camera below outside my chalet!

It just goes to show that night time is a very busy period in the bush! Right now, I can hear hyenas cackling in the distance, and lions roaring in response. And a herd of buffalo is standing on the fence line, snorting and coughing. It’s great to be here.

PS. If you want to get hold of Robbie Williams to show you around Kruger, get hold of him on 071 472 2306, or e-mail He’s got his own open-topped vehicle, and he knows all the best places to spot the animals.

My neighbour the hyena...a big female

Think this is a civet cat?

African wild cat

Honey badger!

Black-backed jackal

Honey badger again

Civet cat

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