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Days 44-46 – Year in the Wild 2013 – Baviaanskloof always lovely

Sometimes (well, often in fact!) the light doesn’t play along. My weekend in the Baviaanskloof was blustery and cloudy. Gale force winds on the coast funneled through the mountainous valley. Conditions made photography difficult. But it was just good to be here. In fact, I enjoyed not having to pick up my camera. Instead, I was able to relax a little, and just notice things for their intrincis value, rather than their photogenic possibilities. (Not always easy for a photographer to admit this!)

The first night I stayed at Kamerkloof Farm, situated in the western part of the Baviaanskloof which is still farmland and not part of the protected area. I have stayed here before, and it’s my favourite spot in the valley. There’s a beautiful guest house looking out onto the northern mountains, while the main farm house is an olive grove away. Nick Reyneke runs the farm, and he’s a great source of info on what to do in the area.

I also met two lovely people – Louis and Sandi, from East London – who were also staying at Kamerkloof. We braaied some kudu steaks, and enjoyed a meal together.

The next day I headed into the reserve, and after driving across one of the many low drifts, I somehow managed to bend the protective cover that covers the undercarriage of my Everest’s engine. I knew Louis and Sandi were folling me into the reserve, and soon enough they came past. Louis chuckled at me for not having a proper tool kit, so he pulled his out, and helped me unscrew the protective cover, which was badly bent and dragging on the gravel road. Dankie Oom Louis!

I’ll be uploading a timelapse video of my drive through the Baviaanskloof soon – in the meantime, here are some photos.

Crossing one of the many drifts of the Baviaans river. The road through the Baviaans crosses this river several times so watch out for flooding.

The view from the top of one of the passes through the's a wild place!

The view from the top of one of the passes through the's a wild place!

This is a wilderness area, and empty of people. Animals have right of way!

Spring is arriving...slowly but surely.

Welcome to the Baviaanskloof..."Baviaan" means baboon in Dutch.

Flower on one of the coral aloes, which are blooming at end of winter.

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