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News24 – March 2014 – Ai-Ais National Park, Namibia

During the Second World War, when South Africa’s armed forces took over South-West Africa, two German geologists and their loyal dog escaped internment by hiding in the desert for two years. Despite the inevitable hardships, Henno Martin, Hermann Korn and their hound Otto found solace and meaning, far away from the cities and madness of war. Martin’s book "The Sheltering Desert" is one of the all-time survival classics, and must-read for nature lovers and visitors to Namibia. Their story epitomizes the natural attraction of desert life, and I kept thinking of their adventures while spending two weeks in the Ai-Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park in the south of Namibia. Read the article online here.

Cape Times Newspaper – February 2014 – Connecting to Kgalagadi

When a pride of wild Kalahari lions stare directly at you, their predatory gaze fixed on your human frame like a missile locked onto its target, there are two things that happen. First, everything else on your mind tends to disappear instantaneously. Right then, there is nothing in the world that matters, except the lions and you. Work, obligations, anxieties, ambitions, dreams… they all evaporate in the golden glare of an animal that cares for you onlyas food. Second, you can’t look away – and you don’t want to. A primordial fascination rises up, and something stops you from averting your own gaze. It’s a mixture of fear, enthrallment, vulnerability and excitement. Download my article on the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in the February 20 Edition of the Cape Times newspaper, or read it online at IOL's website.

News24 – February 2014 – Kgalagadi and the threat of fracking

It's largely unknown, but there are plans afoot to prospect for coal bed methane gas on the Botswana side of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. As in Chobe National Park and Central Kalahari Game Reserve, the Botswana government has issued licences to several energy companies to prospect. Full scale fracking could occur in these wilderness areas...and it breaks my heart. Plus, does it make economic sense, especially when surface water is already in short supply, and fracking could contaminate the ground water? Read my article on News24 about it...

News24 – October 2013 – Robberg Nature Reserve

This little reserve is on a peninsula at the end of Africa. Robberg Nature Reserve has always been popular with the beachbums...the strandlopers loved living here, and there are several archaeological sites that prove that Robberg was - even back then - a top chillout spot for stressed-out hunters and gatherers. These days, the reserve is as popular, but fortunately, it's protected from the groping fingers of gluttonous property developers, and may it remain that way forever. Fountain Shack is the only place to stay, and despite it's lack of amenities, it's probably in my top five places to stay in the whole world. Take me back there, anyone, please! Check out my article here.

News24 – October 2013 – Keurbooms River Nature Reserve

My article on News24 about this tiny reserve to the east of Plettenberg Bay. One of my favourites...because it's largely undeveloped, and you have to paddle up the river for seven kms to get to the log cabin at the top of the gorge. A unique and appropriate way to access this slice of serenity. Read my article here.

News24 – September 2013 – Goukamma Nature Reserve

Another article of mine on Goukamma Nature Reserve, which recently escaped serious ecological disaster from an oil spill, thanks to quick-thinking and hard-working conservation staff. We can be very proud in this country of the rangers and managers who look after South Africa's most important biodiverse areas, and they deserve all the recognition and reward they receive, if not more. Read my article and see my photos online here.

News24 – September 2013 – Mkambati and Mtentu River Lodge

If I was to go on holiday from my "job", I would go to Mtentu River Lodge and Mkambati Nature Reserve in the northern Wild Coast. For me this is the best place in South Africa to chill out to the max, and to do nothing but eat, sleep, swim, canoe, walk and love your lover. Read the article and see my photos here.

News24 – August 2013 – Giant’s Castle Game Reserve in uKhahlamba-Drakensberg

If you have any interest in mountain scenery and large birds of prey, then head to Giant's Castle in the central uKhahlamba-Drakensberg in KwaZulu-Natal. There is the famous vulture hide on top of nearby cliffs, where you can watch Cape vultures, bearded vultures and an assortment of eagles soaring overhead...or sometimes landing to check out the buffet of bones that are laid out to attract these imperious acrobatic masters. Check out my article here. – July 2013 – uKhahlamba-Drakensberg

The first of my bimonthly columns for, South Africa's biggest news website. Check out the article and photos online here. I started off my Year in the Wild 2013-14 journey in uKhahlamba-Drakensberg, and this column is about the best of the northern part of this World Heritage Site.

News24 – June 2013 – Kaokoland in Namibia’s northwest

The wildest part of Namibia is in the far northwest, in a region formely known as Kaokoland, but now known as Kunene region. On the border of Angola, this is one of the least inhabited places on Earth, while desert elephants can be spotted roaming along ephemeral rivers that cut a tortuous course through the rocky desert mountains. Read my article online here.

Safari Interactive – May 2013 – Kaokoland Aerial Photos, Namibia

Safari Interactive, the sister magazine of Africa Geographic, published my aerial photos of Kaokoland and Damaraland on their blog...have a squiz at them by clicking here...

Africa Geographic – April 2013 – Desert elephants of Namibia

Africa Geographic's website published my photos of desert-adapted elephants in Namibia. Check out the blog here...

Vodacom Facebook Page – May 2012 – Kruger National Park

My most rewarding photography so far on my Year in the Wild has been in Kruger National Park, the most famous of SA's nature reserves. I was lucky to get some great photos of a young leopard. Vodacom posted my photos to their Facebook page, spreading the message of conservation and biodiversity in our country...thanks Vodacom for your help!

Vodacom Facebook Page – May 2012 – Tembe Elephant Park

My loyal sponsor Vodacom posted my photos and blogs from Tembe Elephant Park in northern KwaZulu-Natal, where some of the biggest elephants in Africa thrive. It's a relatively unknown place, but one that must be visited by nature lovers. You won't be disappointed...especially if you see iSilo, the elephant with the biggest tusks in southern Africa.

Vodacom Facebook Page – April 2012 – Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve

My sponsor Vodacom posted my photos from the epic Imfolozi Wilderness Trail, and the feedback from their fans was equally epic. Everyone should do the trail at least once in their will change your life, I promise. We saw the Big 5 on foot, and every night at our campsite we had lions roaring, and leopards's one of the highlights of my year.

Vodacom Facebook Page – March 2012 – uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park

Vodacom's Facebook page has more than 140 000 fans, and my blogs and photos from Ukhahlamba Drakensberg were posted to their Facebook page.

Vodacom Facebook Page – February 2012 – Mkhambathi Nature Reserve

My blogs and photos of the incredible Mkhambathi Nature Reserve in the Eastern Cape were posted by Vodacom to their fans on their Facebook page.

Vodacom Facebook Page – February 2012 – Mountain Zebra National Park

My sponsor Vodacom posted my photos and blogs on Mountain Zebra National Park to their fans on their Facebook page.

Vodacom Facebook Page – January 2012 – Garden Route National Park

Vodacom posted my photos and blogs of Garden Route National Park to their huge following on Facebook.

Vodacom Facebook Page – December 2011 – Garden Route National Park

Vodacom posted my photos and blogs on the Garden Route National Park to their Facebook page in December 2011.

Vodacom Facebook Page – November 2011 – Garden Route National Park

Vodacom posted my photos of Garden Route National Park to their Facebook page in November 2011.

Vodacom Facebook Page – November 2011 – Otter Trail Post

My sponsor Vodacom posted my photos and blog on the beautiful Otter Trail on their Facebook page in November 2011.

Media Club South Africa – November 2011 – Online article on Year in the Wild

An article on Year in the Wild by Ray Maota from Media Club South Africa, the press office of Brand South Africa. Read the article here. – October 2011 – Feature article on Year in the Wild

South Africa's biggest news website published a feature article on Year in the Wild, written by Nadia Krige, in October 2011. Read the article online.

Wild Magazine – March 2011 – Interview with Dr Ian Player

South African conservationist Ian Player was the leader of a team which helped save the white rhino from extinction, but to focus only on this achievement would do him an injustice. He was a critical part of so many other conservation battles, including the successful campaign to ban mining in iSimangaliso, SA's first World Heritage Site. He is also a remarkably good writer and speaker, and his books - especially Zululand Wilderness - have partly inspired me to do what I do, so I was grateful for the opportunity to interview him for a short article. Read the interview here on Wild Magazine's website.