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The (day) dream of Year in the Wild

About ten years ago I was sitting in my suit and tie on the 17th floor of an office building in Joburg. I looked out the window across the city to the horizon. For several years I had felt claustrophobic, depressed and frustrated. Concrete buildings, sales meetings, shopping-malls, air-conditioning and traffic jams have that effect on me.

I day-dreamed a lot while sitting at my desk. About exploring Southern Africa, about being outdoors, interacting with people who lived close to the land.
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Welcome to Year in the Wild

Hi! And welcome! This is the first blog post for my Year in the Wild website. The wild, pristine places will work their magic on me for sure.

I’m writing this while sitting in Kalk Bay at the bottom of the African continent in Cape Town, South Africa, and the Atlantic Ocean is in front of me. I can see a huge pod of dolphins feeding on a school of fish in the middle of the bay, and thousands of seagulls are hovering above them, waiting to dive on a morsel. It’s made me think of all the
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