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Awesome photo of Langebaan Lagoon…

I wish I could claim to have taken this photograph, but alas, I was given it by Pierre Nel, senior section ranger at West Coast National Park. The lagoon, seen from this view is so impressive, don’t you think?

But it also illustrates how small – actually – this sensitive ecosystem is.  When you’re IN the park, on the ground, it seems so BIG and expansive, but in reality it’s not. It’s like that for most of our conserved areas in Africa.

It reminds me of a chat I had with Dick Pitman, one of the stalwarts of conservation in Zimbabwe, and he told me how he would spend several days travelling on 4×4 tracks over the Zambezi escarpment into the famous Mana Pools…then one day he flew the same route in a small aeroplane, and it took him twenty minutes. And I think it’s like that for Earth as well. We as humans sometimes think of it as being a huge, inexhaustible expanse of never-ending land and sea…but of course, it’s not. We’re just a tiny blue planet flying through the ginormous Milky Way…(apologies to American poet and conservationist John Muir, who wrote: “We all travel the Milky Way together…”)

Thanks Pierre for the fantastic photo…

Langebaan Lagoon from the air - West Coast National Park - South Africa

Langebaan Lagoon from the air - West Coast National Park - South Africa


  • That is the most BEAUTIFUL photo! Well done Pierre and thanks for letting Scott share it. Travel well Scott – we look forward to seeing you here and maybe joining you on some of your adventures. I’ll certainly be following your stories and photos until then.

  • Hi Scott: A wonderful project – I shall be following you closely. One request, though. Is it possible for you to put a date on your posts?

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