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Agulhas National Park – heaven at the bottom of Africa

One thing I love is getting to a new holiday cottage and exploring it and its surrounds. Today was no different when we arrived at ‘Fynbos’ cottage in Agulhas National Park, with the waves roaring around us and the wind rushing through the bushes,sending the clouds up above scurrying along.

Fynbos cottage is so quaint! It is a thatch rooved wooden cottage with a balcony looking out over the indian ocean and all the amenities you would ever need. After they were burned down by a raging fire in 2009 (thought to be started by abelone poachers), the cottages have only recently been rebuilt, and they really are gorgeous.

In the late evening the wind had dropped to a whisper and we walked down to the white sand beach, to be greeted by a spectacular sunset going down overa pearly blue sea. It was the kind of picture that looks like it has been photoshopped on a computer, and yet it was real and loud and in front of us!

There were bright red and yellow and green peices of seaweed scattered among the grey pebbles and white sand and shiny shells, it was like being in heaven. i was driven to skip along the beach i was so filled with joy of the beauty of it all.

We couldn’t resist going for a swim in the inviting sea – there was a tiny red ball of sun going down at the end of the world, and as we turned to walk back the almost full moon came out from the clouds as if to make sure we took in her beauty too. What a privilege and blessing it is to be here!

– by Thandi Davies

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  • Wow these are places you never hear of but they are awesome for photogaphy. You are really living a lot of photographers dream!!! Well done!

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